Ants are the most common pest in the US, causing damage and spreading disease. Learn about the different types and how to prevent them in your home.


They creep into your home without you noticing. They fill your walls and drawers. They spread diseases and wear down your furniture. They are ants. Ants are the single most common pest in the United States. More than 60 percent of homeowners encounter them at some point. People come across many different kinds of ants.

The Basics of Ghost Ants

Ghost ants are aptly named. They are small ants, less than two millimeters long, and they are nearly translucent. This makes them nearly impossible to see unless you are looking for them. But you can smell them. When you crush a ghost ant, they produce an odor akin to coconut. No other types of ants smell like this, so you will be able to identify the species through the odor. Ghost ants are attracted to moisture. You can find them in sinks, bathtubs, and rooms with high condensation. They like to use spaces between cabinets and doors to build their homes. They are also attracted to sweet foods. If you leave cakes or cookies out, the ants will come and grab them. Some ghost ants also like to eat greasy foods such as bacon. Unlike most indoor pests, ghost ants do not bite. But they can spread bacteria, which can cause diseases in people or pets. This makes it important to remove them as soon as you notice them.

Getting Rid of Ants

When people think of ant removal, they think of insecticide spray. But you should only use a spray as a last resort. It can contaminate food and make animals or children sick. You can use natural ingredients to get rid of ants. Mix two cups of white vinegar with one cup of water. Spray this mixture onto the ants themselves and their homes. Ghost ants have a particularly strong aversion to cucumber. Make some thin slices, then leave them where you find ants. You may find that they go away. Do not open doors or windows so ants can leave. This may draw more ants or other pests into your home. Let the pests find a way out of your house on their own. If natural solutions don’t work, you can call a pest control service. A service can work on the interior and exterior of your home, covering all spots that ants can enter your house. They can also treat you for multiple pests at a time.

Find the Best Pest Control Service

Ghost ants are hard to notice until they appear in masses. You can find them in moist areas of your house, like your sinks. You may notice ghost ants in the kitchen, since they are attracted to sugar. Do not use insecticide spray to get rid of ants. Use mixtures of water and vinegar and cucumbers. If those strategies don’t work, hire a pest control company that will inspect the interior and exterior of your home. Find someone with experience and persistence. Empire Lawn and Pest Control is Orlando’s leading pest control company. Contact us today.