Prevent mosquitoes from ruining your Florida summer with these tips and natural remedies. Contact a pest control company for help.


Ah, summertime. The season of sunshine, barbeques, relaxation….and unfortunately, mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes are one of those annoying outdoor and indoor pests that like to wreak havoc on our lives and are one of the common issues related to Florida. Hey, the mosquito isn’t known as the unofficial state bird for nothing, right?

Keep Indoor Pests Out of Your Home

In order to prevent mosquitoes from annoying us inside our home, our first step in prevention is to keep them out. How do we do that? Keep up with window screen maintenance. Replace them as needed and repair holes with a patch kit. Even the tiniest little opening is enough for a mosquito to slip through, so regularly inspect them from time to time.

A Lawn Pest That Hates Plants

Well, certain plants, that is. If we find our outdoor barbeques being interrupted more often than not by mosquito bites, there are certain plants you can incorporate around your yard to ward them off. Plants that are very useful as a natural pest control include marigolds, lavender, mint, catnip, lemongrass, and citronella. They emit a smell that mosquitoes can not stand and will drive them away to seek their dinner elsewhere.

Natural Indoor Remedies

There are things we can do to the inside of our home if we find mosquitoes have made their way in. Basic things mosquitoes hate are garlic, lavender, and lemon with cloves. For the garlic, mash a few cloves and boil them in water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray throughout the house. If the idea of the smell of garlic turns some stomachs, there is an alternative found in lavender. With lavender, invest in a good essential oil that emulates this scent. Mix it with a little water and spray it around the home (and on yourself!) to ward off unwelcome visitors. And lastly, if a citrus scent is more our style, we’re in luck! Mosquitoes hate it. Cut a few lemons in half, stuff some cloves into the flesh of the fruit, and leave them around various parts of our home. Mosquitoes will take one sniff and promptly leave.

If, despite our best efforts, we still notice a swarm of these blood-thirsty pests hovering, call a pest control company. A professional pest control company offers complete services to eliminate any chance of mosquitoes looking to our homes for their summer getaway.

Enjoy a Relaxing Florida Summer

Let’s face it, mosquitoes are indoor pests that we don’t want around. But this doesn’t have to be a problem if you follow the suggestions mentioned above. Still in need of some expert advice and help? We are the best pest control company to eradicate indoor and lawn pests that are some of the biggest issues related to Florida. Contact us at Empire Lawn & Pest Control today!